It's My Life...

It’s My Life, Welcome to It.

Bill Cockpit
And here we go. Welcome to the site! I’m Bill Owen, longtime airline employee, (and some of you will notice I committed a capitalization error there), writer, father, grandpappy, and just a happy camper to whom bizarre stuff happens and who get to do amazing things. This page will chronicle that journey—it’ll be kind of like a combo of a written America’ Funniest Videos meets The Travel Channel with a bit of The Amazing Race thrown in. That kind of describes my life! To those who have read my stuff before on other sites—prepare to go from volume 7 to volume 10!

You’ll also find four other pages on this site for your pleasure. Family Food will be my grandmother’s recipes, slightly updated, and others that are just awesome. Stories Behind The Badge will be written by my son and give you a glimpse of what Police Officers and State Troopers go through in keeping us safe. Gaming is all about all kinds of games, and is written by my husband, Kent. And the From A Teen’s Eyes page is offered by my awesome stepdaughters, talking about news and issues that impact teens. Each post on each page is commentable and is emailable, so let’s make this a conversation and a community!