The Gaming Table

Greetings! I am Kent Henry, husband of Bill and an avid gamer (and gaymer!). I loved games since I was a kid. I played Monopoly, Clue, and Risk growing up. At 15 years, a friend of mine introduced me to something new – something life changing. The game was Dungeons and Dragons – a role-playing game. I played it a few times, learned to enjoy being a wizard. I stopped playing after the church equated D&D with Satan worship, not the first time I listened to the church over my own reasoning. By that time I learned of Gamma World, Traveler, and Boot Hill. I also discovered board games beyond the Parker Brother games one can find at the department store. Titan was the first “hobby” game I was given. As I moved from high school to college, my younger brother gave me the best Christmas present ever, Star Fleet Battles. I loved that game and concluded that if the name “Star Trek” is attached to a game, I’ll buy it readily! I enjoy both standard board games but most enjoy role-playing board games (but not the live-action ones….I don’t do the costuming thing with fake swords). The role-playing game I like the most is Torg. Cosmic Encounter is my favorite board game. I know these are old games but are still my favorites.