I’m hoping this blog will help show people that police officers are people. We have our stories just like everyone else, the same things make us laugh, and the same things make us sad. I will update as often as I can!

So last week, I arrived at work and sat down for the routine briefing which I thoroughly enjoy. The briefing allows everyone to literally throw everything out on the table, who’s getting married, who’s getting divorced, who’s pregnant etc. It also gets a little crazy at times (because we ALL do!).

We all depart the Police Department and I began my check sheet for vehicle inspection. The vehicle inspection has a very detailed list of what works and what doesn’t work. So being the man I am, I cautiously check each box, without actually doing so, say quick prayer to the God Almighty and pray it all works and headed out into the city.

The night was interesting, as it started steady and as usual began to decline as the early morning approached. However I had something occur tonight that was a complete first. I was driving down the highway and I see and a complete piece of crap sports car, late 80’s model driving with no headlights. As my vehicle approached this car, I’m anticipating who is going to stick his head and say “WHAT??”. As I approached I look into the vehicle and shockingly discover that a young man was driving with his family. The driver is holding a two-dollar flashlight on the side of the windshield. At this point I can’t believe what I am seeing and can’t help but start laughing so hard I can’t even speak on the radio to check out with this car.

I finally stopped laughing, got settled down and returned to the Officer mode and activated my emergency lights at which point the car immediately pulled over.

Getting out of car I approached the vehicle and surprisingly the driver very politely said “hello Officer, what was the reason you pulled me over?” I paused (as his family was in the car) and slowly said “your F@$king kidding me right” as I chuckled. Driver began to chuckle also. He continue “man I’m sorry, I was trying to get home with my wife and kids”. We had a brief discussion about all the horror stories of what I’ve seen in my police career and the driver agreed that his idiotic stunt was dangerous. He agreed to keep the car parked in parking lot and find another way home, then we then parted ways.

As I drove away I began thinking about today’s society and its views on Police and Law. The truth of the matter is most Police Officers are just as curious as to what the general public is doing as the general public is curious about us. I’ve decided it’s not at all fair for us as society to think of our new generation of kiddos as doomed for failure due to their lack of ambitions. This young man was doing what he needed to do to take care of his family and get them home. Well, after tonight I can testify that regardless of opinions, kids will be kids and continue to come up with genius ways to make things just work!

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